On the 5th February 2015, Sophee and I will leave Australia to start a ten-month overland expedition, driving from Singapore to London. We’ll unpack my trusty Land Rover Defender, Colonel Mustard, our home for the adventure and hit the road.

Xmas 2013 roadtrip

In the time I spent as the Island Caretaker during the Best Job in the World, people were constantly telling me “you don’t have the Best Job…I do!”

From dive instructors, to chefs, to helicopter pilots – all of them convinced, their life was the best it could be. Travelling around the world has taught me you don’t have to be the richest, most beautiful or most intelligent person to truly be happy. Sometimes the most genuine smiles are found in the most downtrodden places on earth where life is hard, poverty and crime are rife and opportunity rare.

It got me thinking, what does give people outright happiness? Is it family, friends, finance or simply a roof over their head.

‘Happy People’ Credit: Huffington Post

Throughout the journey we’ll be trying to answer that question, finding people along the way who are genuinely happy and what brings that joy de vie to them. From stockbrokers in Singapore, to street vendors in Vietnam to farmers in France. Who really does have the Best Life in the World?

Sophee and I will be interviewing, filming, photographing and blogging about every aspect of the journey – the highs, lows, incredible places, dodgy foods and biggest smiles.

Come and join us!

Adventures in life are meant to shared. Below is a map of route we’ll take through Asia, the Middle East and into Europe and there so many amazing countries along the way – why not find one you’ve never been to before (or want to visit again) and drop me a message in the comments section. There are two seats in the Colonel that we’d love you to fill!

2015-01-05_07-43-56We’ll be launching our new website very soon, but in the meantime keep up to date with everything through my usual social media channels using the social media icons at the top of this page.

Time for another adventure!