5 words that describe Singapore: Modern, Controlled, Eclectic, Man-made, Exciting.
What seems to make Singaporeans happy? Food.
What seems to make Singaporeans unhappy? The drive for money.
Did you ever feel out of your comfort zone while in Singapore? Not in any way.
What can other countries learn from Singapore? Singapore seems to offer perfect cultural harmony. The Government’s micromanaging of every aspect of daily life may not give the freedom other countries enjoy but it does bring law and order, a faultless infrastructure, impeccable cleanliness and a state of happiness and satisfaction amongst it’s people. All key factors in delivering happiness and smiles – a quality of life that many people around the world desire. Singapore sits at the top of the Best Life ladder.

Best thing I saw: Super Trees at Garden’s by the Bay.
Best thing I heard: The old ladies chanting at sunrise, as I ran along the beach.
Best thing I smelt: Fresh Asian food being cooked while we wandered the streets at night.
Best thing I did: Dinner at KuDeTa with Sophee.
Best thing I tasted: Sup Tulang Merah from the Indian Hawker Centres and Haagen Daaz (my favourite ice-cream in the world).
Best local character I met: Tony at Betel Box Backpackers. Destination Guru, full of knowledge, kind hearted and generous.
Best lost in translation moment: the popular local dish “Fried Carrot Cake” sounded like all of my dreams come true. But, I quickly discovered it’s something entirely different (a savoury dish).
Best surprise ‘n’ delight moment: unpacking the Colonel at the Singapore port, only to find him safe and well.
Best thing I enjoyed about life in Singapore: the security and ease of living.


5 words that describe Singapore? Vibrant, organised, friendly, ambitious, creative.
What seems to make Singaporeans happy? Time with friends, food, high-end labels, fast cars, diversity, order, cleanliness and opportunity.
What seems to make Singaporeans unhappy? Cost of living (housing and cars), working long hours, working jobs that provide low pay (especially migrants), and the struggles that come with being part of a “taboo” minority (e.g. the LGBT community and single mums).
Did you ever feel out of your comfort zone while in Singapore? Weirdly enough, I struggled with the overwhelming hospitality and generosity we received through food. Singaporeans are a bunch of “feeders”! My belly was saying “no more” but my mind was saying “don’t be rude, you have to eat”.
What can other countries learn from Singapore? How to embrace and celebrate different cultures. They encourage residents from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and religions to actively showcase their customs. Singaporeans seem to experiment with each others’ cultures and re-appropriate them in wonderfully playful ways. Children are taught to be curious and open-minded. It feels really free, peaceful and fun here. Like a constant multi-cultural celebration.

Best thing I saw: little Singaporean power couples in matching outfits, holding hands. The architecture is pretty mind-blowing. At night, I could sit under the “alien sculptures” in Gardens By the Bay for hours – just staring up towards the sky and letting myself get lost in a dream.
Best thing I heard: Cantopop by Dick Lee. I love the song “Rasa Sayang” – the lyrics are hilarious!
Best thing I smelt: The sweet food specialty stalls. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked pastries, waffles and strange Asian desserts.
Best thing I did: The half marathon. I didn’t train, so I was worried it’d be a painful experience. But, I loved it (thanks to the views and buzz along the river) and somehow managed to run the whole way!
Best thing I tasted: The Avocado Smoothie and Rose Lemon Juice we had at Loving Hut were pretty incredible – especially in the Singapore heat. The Indian-style pastries on Joo Chiat Rd were to die for, too.
Best local character I met: Raymond Wong. His intense passion for Peranakan Fashion and extensive knowledge in this field were inspiring. His eyes lit up like giant saucers when he picked up an item of vintage clothing and went on to describe its intricate details and history.
Best “lost in translation moment” I experienced: some of the local restaurants were well-named e.g. Batter Fluffy Flaps.
Best “surprise and delight moment” I experienced: there is such things as a free lunch in Singapore. Every time we dined with a local, they refused to let us pay a cent. The Singaporeans were so kind to us and hospitable. It made me realise I need to be more generous with my time, money and knowledge.
Best thing I enjoyed about life in Singapore: The buzz at night. It’s very different to Brisbane (home). The streets are alive until the wee hours of the morning seven days a week. The Singaporeans are very social and seem to love spending time with friends.

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