I kicked off my day with the usual ritual. Eyes shut tight; I puffed my pillow, rolled across the bed, stretched my sleepy limbs and then let out an epic unladylike yawn. As I opened my eyes to welcome the day, I had to do a double take. There, at the end of my marshmallow-soft bed, was the best view in Kuala Lumpur. Wow. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was.

Ben and I were staying at the Traders Hotel right in the heart of the city. A beacon of luxury, it sits smack bang in front of the Petronas Twin Towers like a mum watching over her precious twins. I felt as though I could literally reach out and hug them. It was hard not feel a bit buzzy and start jumping around the room like a teenager. The view was utterly ridiculous.

This got me thinking, why is it that so many people choose to stay at Traders Hotel because it has the best views in town? Why does a spectacular outlook make human beings feel so alive and happy?

I guess, for some, a room with a view gives them a sense of superior social status. They get to look down on the world from a literal pedestal and remove themselves from the masses. For me, though, it does the exact opposite. Gazing out at the world of activity before me, I feel more connected to the community. The lights, buildings, levels, streets, cars, people and urban drama…they make me feel like I’m not alone.

But, back on to our view of the Petronas Twin Towers more specifically. I loved it because it excited me about life’s possibilities and our capacity for innovation as humans. It’s hard to believe we can actually dream up something so mammoth, complex and beautiful and then turn it into architectural reality. How wonderful!

Finally, sitting nestled above the world, I loved our room with a view because it made me feel calm. The breathtaking outlook successfully distracted me from the stress and fatigue I felt at ground level. I was away from the hustle and bustle, I was relaxing amongst the clouds, but I was still able to watch the world below. Bliss.

So, thank you Traders Hotel for letting us stay a while and soak up your one-of-a-kind view. Much to our delight, it was practically perving on us from every part of the building.

To stay at Traders Hotel or find out more, click here. A collection of photos from our stay can be checked out below.







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