Meeting Ginny was a wonderful, serendipitous moment. We knew two people who didn’t know each other but somehow both knew and recommended interviewing Ginny (despite the fact that Singapore is home to over 5 million people). It was meant to be – and, what a fascinating woman she turned out to be.

Ginny is a special example of the modern Singaporean woman. One of the first things we learnt about her is that she’s an unwed mum – a rareity in this city state. You see, Singaporeans tend to stick to the same life path: go to school, study hard, land their first job, continue living with their parents (due to the high cost of living), get engaged and then, when finances allow, move into their first home etc.

Ginny became pregnant with her beautiful son, Kieran, at the age of 23. She was committed to bringing him up as a single mum. The taboo nature of the situation resulted in her leaving home at what’s considered a very young age in Singapore. 

The cost of living in this city state is amongst the most expensive in the world (think $800K for a basic studio apartment). So, Ginny had to work tirelessly to set up and provide the best life for her son and herself, making many personal sacrifices along the way. 

But now, she’s come out the other side as a successful business woman, an incredible mum and healthy lifestyle advocate. For example Ginny arranges for her son to live in a different foreign country for a few weeks each year so he can experience different family situations and cultures. Ginny also travels annually for pleasure and takes part in everything from international marathons to pole dancing classes. 

While Ginny admits she’s still trying to achieve the perfect life balance, her positive outlook and go-getter attitude are truly inspiring. Check out our interview to find out how she’s managed to discover her calling and start living her best life.